For you to get “Into The Groove” while we “Let The Music Play”, our mission is to provide, in an elegant and classy venue, an upscale, exclusive atmosphere where our sophisticated members can mingle and socialize. To create a night out on the town with your special guests for true fun and music that we X Geners can relate to.


X Generation: people born from 1960 to the early 1980s.

Gen-Xers are said to be independent thinkers, artists and sometimes geeky.
As Jeff Gordinier says, “Gen- Xers are said to be the defiant demographic, dedicated to shredding whatever raiment the marketing apparatus tries to drape us in; because we’d prefer not to be categorized at all, thank you very much”. Professor Christine Henseler summarizes it as “a generation whose worldview is based on change, human dignity and individual freedom, the need for stability, love, tolerance, and human rights for all”. The concept for X Generation Tokyo began to take shape, because there are few, if any, events that make the people feel comfortable where they can relax and just enjoy themselves.

Our concept is to create the type of atmosphere where people can go and listen to the sounds that remind them of the good times – an event where they can just reminisce and mingle, if they desire to do so. X Generation Tokyo was created with all this in mind and promises to be elegant, classy and more upscale than Tokyo has given us in the past few years.